NEW Lotus Belle Bud Mini Tent (2.7m/26kg)
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상품간략설명 The long awaited Mini-Lotus Belle, AKA the LOTUS BUD has arrived! The patented Lotus Bud comes with a porch as standard.
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The Bud is essentially an Outback model and comes with the following features:

  • sewn in groundsheet
  • 2 fully openable roll up mesh windows
  • Outer roll down canvas blinds
  • Canvas door with second mesh layer door behind
  • Rear wall vent
  • It also has a little zip open entrance for electrical cables beneath the rear wall vent.

It can be put up by one person in around 10 - 15 minutes, and folds away in just a few moments just by pulling on a toggle!

As this tent has no centre pole it will easily fit a double air bed, and will sleep 2 - 3 people comfortably with room to spare for bags and boots etc. 

Inner tents are also available to fit in to the rear section of the tent for a really cosy camping experience. 


Packed dimensions:

145 x 33 x 33cm
weight: 26kgs
Pitched Dimensions:
tent only: 270cm x 270cm x 230cm (height)
with porch: 450cm x 270cm x 230cm (height) 
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